Speaker Highlight #2: Blake Canterbury

Meet Blake Canterbury – Founder and CEO of beremedy

Blake Canterbury SoCon14

Blake Canterbury is a social innovator passionate about creating the future of philanthropy. He launched his first company based on social media in 2009. He used social media to network organizations including the U.N., U.S. Marines, Haitian police and multiple organizations to aid thousands (Haiti 2010).

Since then, his work has been featured on CNN, Huffington Post, and local news in 36 cities, 28 states and 4 countries. beremedy was named one of the “3 best twitter usages worldwide” by CNN (3/20/11). Blake is regarded as a leader in executing online campaigns to drive real world action and speaks regularly on the topic.

Check out what Blake has to say:

Can you tell us what you sought out to accomplish by starting beremedy?

BLAKE: I simply wanted people to help their neighbor. I believe people would help someone if they knew they needed something. They just didn’t know someone did. I wanted to provide an outlet for them to do that. If everyone did, we would impact “our world” wherever that is.

What do you think is next for how social media will be used to better other people?

BLAKE: I don’t think many new tools will be used. I think it’ll have to do with great marketing around a unified movement. Something everyone belives in and is simple enough for anyone to take action. There has to be a problem it’s setting out to solve but I believe it has to evolve. Fighting any one battle for many years tends to lose some momentum. Transparency will also be KEY!

What is your least favorite thing about social media and how other people use it?

BLAKE: I’m not sure there’s a least favorite thing. Sure trends get boring like selfies…but aren’t we on there to see the life of those we’re following? I think there’s something to be learned from everyone & everything on social. Even negative movements that gain traction. There’s a reason people are getting on board. I like to learn and see the “why”. Typically, it’s to be part of something bigger than themselves.

If you’re stranded on a desert island, what are the 5 albums you would take with you?

BLAKE: Hard one. I’m not a music guru. I like country music – the best and songs with good lyrics. So it would probably be a Spotify playlist with these 5 artists: Keith Urban, Garth Brooks, Zac Brown, Coldplay, Hillsong United

*If you want to connect with Blake, hit him up on Twitter and check out what beremedy is doing in the community. We can’t wait for SoCon14!

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