Speaker Highlight #3: Jennifer Keitt

Meet Jennifer Keitt – Nationally Syndicated Radio Host, Author, Keynote Speaker, Certified Life Coach

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Jennifer Keitt empowers and educates more than one million listeners across the globe each week as the host of Today’s Black Woman Radio Show and as the host of her new show: THE JENNIFER KEITT SHOW which airs on KISS 104FM in Atlanta. For over two decades, Keitt has represented the power and perseverance of women, challenging them to invoke change and conquer the world in unique and creative ways. Her relatable style and authentic persona attracts listeners of all ages seeking encouragement and words to live by, as well as a variety of high profile guests, including Maya Angelou, Mary J Blige, Angela Bassett, Tina Turner, Halle Berry, Susan Taylor and Mellody Hopson.

With wit, wisdom and a drive to inspire, she consistently brings crowds to their feet at leading U.S. companies and organizations, including Children’s Hospital Of Philadelphia, CNN, Turner Broadcasting, Cox Radio, Fort Dix, University of Minnesota, The Salvation Army and other numerous other women’s groups, organizations, colleges and universities.

Check out what Jennifer has to say:

Can you tell us what you sought out to accomplish when you started working in radio and how that translated into your social/online space?

JENNIFER: I started working in radio to influence and empower audiences with a practical message of hope and encouragement. My message over more than two decades has translated beautifully into the social/online space as I’m able to give people so much more (from 140 characters to articles, to videos, blog posts, and Instagram photos)! The immediacy of social media brings my message home daily adding additional interaction and conversation with my audience.

WIn your experience, what’s the greatest use of social media you’ve seen so far?

JENNIFER: The Mommy Clubs! When I think back just a few years ago and how incredibly isolated I felt as a new Mommy…the advent of communities built around affinity is the greatest plus that I have seen with social media. Communities for moms, new moms, older moms, moms of special needs kids, black moms, fit moms…it blows my mind! I think the “social” part of social media, when it’s used for positive connection, empowerment and ideas is very, very cool.

How has social media impacted the radio world? Is it evolving?

JENNIFER: Social media has impacted radio greatly. Back in the day, all it took was a great voice to influence and move audiences. Nowadays, it takes a great voice, plus the ability to look good, tweet good, post good…etc.! Audiences want a full experience with their radio personalities. The social media connection with radio is most definitely evolving. On my show weekly I dedicate portions of segments to what my audience is posting/tweeting in relationship to my show’s topic. I’m also launching another radio vignette to air weekdays that is straight from trending topics (my take on what’s trending daily). It’s going to be exciting to see how much further social media pushes what we do in broadcasting.

If you’re stranded on a desert island and can only take 5 albums with you, what would they be?

JENNIFER: Trombone Shorty, For True; Lionel Richie, Tuskegee; Donnie McClurkin, the Essential Donnie McClurkin; Israel Houghton, The Power Of One; Justin Timberlake, The 20/20 Experience.

*If you want to connect with Jennifer, follow her on Twitter and Facebook. See you February 22nd!

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