Platinum VIP SoCon14

What is the Platinum VIP Experience?

Anybody can be a VIP at SoCon14 (well, 30 of you can).  Only a “special” group of 8 attendees get to be PLATINUM VIP’s.  Special in that if you’re willing to upgrade, we’re going to think you’re pretty special!

Who are we?  Glad you asked.

We’re the Relational Equity team and we get to spend the whole day at SocOn14 catering to the Platinum VIP’s needs.  Let’s face it, if you’re gonna spend an entire Saturday soaking up all that Social Media knowledge, you’re gonna have needs.

There are only eight of these spots available.

There are 4 of our Thank You Economists that will be taking care of you.  That’s a 2 to 1 concierge ratio.  Not too shabby.  We’re going to make sure that you will not want for anything that whole day (within reason, of course).

In addition to the stated Platinum VIP package “A completely personalized experience complete with concierge service, VIP parking, a personalized name badge/program, and a name mention during the event.”, here are some secret perks that you WON’T find on the registration page about why you want to be a Platinum VIP:

  1. Stage-side seating during the main session
  2. A secret number to text to all day to have stuff brought directly to you.*
  3. On or about February 15th, you will get a list of EVERYONE that will be attending the SoCon event and their company name.  You’ll give us 3 names of folks that you want to meet that day and we’ll arrange a 5-minute meet up.**
  4. A little something special in your swag bag personalized just for you.

So before these 8 spots fill up, register below and grab your Platinum VIP spot today!

* – And by stuff, we mean drinks, snacks and just about anything you need to make your day as enjoyable as it needs to be.

** – Subject to the kindness of the hearts of the people that you ask to meet with.